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breaking down the opposition / part 3

Breaking down the Opposition 3


  1. 40x30 yard pitch.


  • 6v6 set up as 1GK and 5 outfield players. 1 Outfield player from either side starts in the opposite half to the other 4 outfield players from either team.

  1. Play starts with team B, they must attack team A and try to break them down and score.

  2. If team A win the ball they can play the ball into their player in the opposite half who attempts a 1v1 to score.

  3. Reverse roles.

  • PROGRESSION: If the team win the ball and play into their player in the opposite half, 1 player can go and join them to make it a 2v1 overload.


  1. Patience in the build up

  2. Be aggressive & clinical when the chance presents itself to score

  3. Use the overload wisely - can you isolate a defender?

  4. Find & create space 

  5. Be creative to open up the defence