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breaking down the opposition / part 1

Breaking down the Opposition 1


  1. 40x30 yard pitch.

  2. The pitch is split in half up until 20 yards out from goal.


  • 1 GK, 4 defenders & 6 attackers.

  • Defenders & Attackers are split across the two zones A & B in a 3v2 overload for the attackers on either side.

  1. Play starts with the attackers on the halfway line. 

  2. The attackers & defenders cannot leave their zone however the ball can be passed between the two zones.

  3. Therefore a 6v4 commences split into the 3v2 situations on either side. Once the attackers pass the zone line they can go where they want and try to score.

  4. If the defenders win the ball they can transition to score by passing into either of the two mini goals on the halfway line.

  • PROGRESSION: One attacker can cross into the opposite zone to temporarily make it a 4v2 on one side.


  1. Patience in the build up

  2. Be aggressive & clinical when the chance presents itself to score

  3. Use the overload wisely - can you isolate a defender?

  4. Find & create space 

  5. Be creative to open up the defence